Diabetic Evaluations

Diabetic Examinations are usually requested by your Primary Care Physician. We can take care of that for you and then send over a letter to your PCP to update your chart. The examination includes the following:

  • Detailed Case History
  • Visual Acuity
  • Pupil Evaluation
  • Extraocular Motility Function
  • Color Vision Testing
  • Examination of Peripheral Visual Field
  • Analysis of the Accommodative and Binocular Visual System
  • Retinoscopy and Refraction (if necessary)
  • Examination of the External Ocular Adnexa with the use of Biomicroscopy
  • Intraocular Pressure Measurement
  • Pupil Dilation
  • Examination of the health of the Internal Ocular Media and Fundus with the use of Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Agents, Biomicroscopy and Ophthalmoscopy